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Unhappy Macs

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Message 8530 - Posted: 1 Apr 2009 | 2:32:04 UTC
Last modified: 1 Apr 2009 | 2:40:14 UTC

I be sorry t’ report that two-thirds o’ me fleet hasn’t been makin’ any headway fer a while.

Me G4 be returnin’ erroneous results (usin’ quotes t’ represent th’ angle-brackets, which seem t’ be incompatible wi’ somethin’ here):

process got signal 5
[color=red]dyld: cube_6.03_powerpc-apple-darwin Undefined symbols:
cube_6.03_powerpc-apple-darwin undefined reference to _statvfs expected to be defined in /usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib[/color]

Me mate’s iMac, however, doesn’t ever seem t’ get work, even when th’ other two do. A typical BOINC log entry:
Tue 31 Mar 17:47:46 2009|Pirates@Home|Sending scheduler request: To fetch work
Tue 31 Mar 17:47:46 2009|Pirates@Home|Requesting 2297 seconds of new work
Tue 31 Mar 17:47:51 2009|Pirates@Home|Scheduler RPC succeeded [server version 607]
Tue 31 Mar 17:47:51 2009|Pirates@Home|Message from server: Starting in 365 days and 4 hours, project will require a minimum BOINC core client version of 6.1.0.
You are currently using version 5.8.17; please upgrade before this time.
Tue 31 Mar 17:47:51 2009|Pirates@Home|Message from server: No work sent
Tue 31 Mar 17:47:51 2009|Pirates@Home|[color=red]Message from server: cube - Simple graphics demonstration is not available for your type of computer.[/color]
Tue 31 Mar 17:47:51 2009|Pirates@Home|Deferring communication for 10 min 6 sec
Tue 31 Mar 17:47:51 2009|Pirates@Home|Reason: requested by project

Any suggestions?

Was that a Siren I heard?

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Message boards : Help! : Unhappy Macs

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